NEA-Retired Executive Council, 2018 - 2019

Front Row, L to R:  Jean Dobashi, VP; Sarah Borgman, P; Dan Rudd, Sec; 

Second Row L to R:  Jon Paul Roden; Julie Horwin; Linda McCrary; Eloy Gonzales (Election Chair);

Third Row, L to R:  Alen Ritchie; Lynda W. Smith; Roberta Margo

West TN members consider an idea in a workshop

​​TRTA Bulletin

Sarah Says

It's nearly April and not January 1, when we usually make resolutions, but maybe we need to make some new ones or at the very least, look back long enough to examine what we set out to do on our goals last fall.  L
et's assess, evaluate, reshuffle priorities, and take a long hard look at our accomplishments or lack thereof.  What did we set out to do?  What goal was foremost in our plans?  What do we need to do to finish the job with quality results?  Do we need more help, supplies, determination?  Maybe we need to go back to step 3 or 4 and "regroup."  Remember how excited you were when you first started on your goal?  What happened along the way?  Are you nearly there?  One Summit speaker put it this way:  "Make a map showing where you are to direct where you want to go."  Let's finish the job!

 I sometimes still think of our Association calendar as the school year.  That being the case, what can you accomplish yet in the remaining two to three months? The adage "It's never too late" applies to us, too.  Are more members waiting for you to ask them to join now and save?  How many more mentoring sessions can you complete?  Is there a workshop you've always wanted to have in your state or local?  Let's take advantage of every opportunity to complete the good work we can do.


Sarah Borgman, President


Clem works her magic in preparation for a spring meeting!

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