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NEA-Retired Executive Council, 2018 - 2019

Front Row, L to R:  Jean Dobashi, VP; Sarah Borgman, P; Dan Rudd, Sec; 

Second Row L to R:  Jon Paul Roden; Julie Horwin; Linda McCrary; Eloy Gonzales (Election Chair);

Third Row, L to R:  Alen Ritchie; Lynda W. Smith; Roberta Margo

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Clem works her magic in preparation for a spring meeting!

 Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association

“Sarah Says”

 Ah, at last summer!  Time to play in the sun, read a good book, and relax.  Time to take care of yourself, to stretch those tired muscles, take a deep breath and wonder what’s next.  For me, it will be a trip to a Lake Michigan beach.  You might wander down to the library and offer to read during story hour.  No one reads with more enthusiasm than an educator!  If you REALLY have time on your hands, call your retired state or local president and offer your time, assistance, or skills.  There’s always something waiting on a president to-do list…trust me on that! 

It will be time to start a new membership campaign, to start NEA PAC fund-raising.  Some of use will soon be headed to Houston for business and challenges in the work of the only democratic body holding forth for the survival of our nation.

Summer always offers a more leisurely time pace.  I’ve recently been encouraged to start writing anecdotes from my life’s activities which I think should be offered as a novel because no one will ever believe some of my stories otherwise!  Everyone has at least one book to write…your story.  Consider it.  I’ll let you know how mine turns out!“

Sarah Borgman, President


West TN members consider an idea in a workshop



In the good old you can just hear me singing it!  So what about summer?  It is traditionally a time to relax, travel, do a little extra cleaning, catch-up on a lot of things we let slip by in the winter, AND, of course, to look ahead to some goals and things we want to accomplish when the new Association year starts.  What things?  Volunteering for a specific job...wouldn't your president be pleased?  Helping with membership

---your retired unit or a local active one...some states/locals do have year-round membership drives, and maybe even cleaning out some files to start anew.  Do, however, take time for yourself!


AND, of course, it is the season when we celebrate our country's birthday!  HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, AMERICA!!!  I love to see Old Glory flying high, especially in parades or when the Color Guard holds her steady while the others are lowered.  I still get goosebumps when I hear The Star Spangled Banner, and I'm like a kid when the fireworks go off! Celebrate with me and give thanks for freedom in every form, and then remember those who have none.  Remember we, the NEA, are the last best hope for public education and for DEMOCRACY in America.  Keep on keeping on!

Sarah Borgman, President



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