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Beverly Berard recently joined the 2017 - 2018 TRTA Legislative Committee.

Jerry Winters, Lobbyist, discusses issues before the Legislature in 2017.  Some may return in 2018.


Lynn Tucker, Legislative Chair, reports to the 2017 TRTA RA.

 Tell Congress to protect retirement security.

Educators converged on Capitol Hill on April 27 for National Retirement Security Advocacy Day. The day included lobbying in Washington by the NEA Board of Directors and NEA-Retired Executive Council, as well as back-home activities, emails, and phone calls by NEA members and partners. Tell Congress to repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

2017 LEGISLATIVE SESSION produced the following Budget for FY '18

Click HERE for a printable copy of the FY 18 Budget.

Click HERE for a printable version, with an explanation, of legislation that passed in 2017.

Click HERE for a printable version of the FY18 Budget.

Click HERE for a printable version of the FY18 Budget

shown above.

TEA-backed legislation supporting community schools was moved to the first calendar of 2018, but had excellent testimony in the House prior to being delayed. Similarly, a TEA-backed bill protecting teacher pay stalled in the Senate, despite advancing out of House subcommittee. That said, members of both committees acknowledged the merits of both bills, and there will be plenty of work done in the offseason to bring both back next year.


1.  Continue to keep the Defined Benefit Program of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System funded on an actuarially sound basis.

*   Assure that the benefits of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System accrue only to retirees and beneficiaries.

*   Assure that the state's contribution to the Legacy Plan of Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System is never less 
     than the actuarial recommendation.

2.  Monitor to assure that the tuition discount for dependents of retired teachers passed in 2014 is not discontinued.

3.  Work toward tax fairness with adequate funding necessary to address the growing needs of public education and retirees.

4.  Request that the 110th Legislature

*   Improve the economic benefits of retired teachers.

*   Increase the state contribution level to the State Medicare Supplement (Medigap) to improve benefits.

5.  Inclusion of the TEA Legislative Program


1.  Salaries - TEA is advocating for an 8 percent increase in state teacher salary funds, which equates to approximately $200 million.  The association is also continuing its efforts to make sure increases actually show up in teacher paychecks by asking the legislature to take control of the State Minimum Salary Schedule.

2.  RTI Investment - For a program like RTI to be successful, the state must properly fund it.  TEA is advocating for a new line item in the state budget for RTI teachers in Math and Language Arts so every school can have specialists to work with struggling students.

3.  Benefits - Tennessee teachers are fortunate to have a well-funded retirement plan, but it is important that we hold the state accountable to continuing to fully fund TCRS.  TEA is also advocating for the state to fully fund educator health insurance needs.

4.  One-Time Funds - The state will have a significant surplus again this fiscal year.  Legislators need to invest that money into one-time purchases for education technology and an increase in classroom supply money for every teacher.

Tennessee Education Association Public School Advocate Legislative Report, January 16, 2017,

To Track Bills That Interest You

1. Bill Tracker, Tennessee

2.  Go to legislation; click on my bill and create an account.

3.  Enter the bill numbers you wish to track.

Tuition Discount Form for Dependents of Retired Teachers

Click HERE for Tuition Discount Form and Instructions.


The fee discount form may be mailed or faxed.  Mail or fax to the attention of the Retired Payroll Section for verification as follows:  TCRS, 10th Floor Andrew Jackson Building, 502 Deadrick Street, Nashville, TN 37243 or fax to 615-401-6818.  If faxing the form, please include a return mailing address for the retired teacher as most institutions will require an original signature verifying eligibility.  

The retired teacher or their dependent is responsible for submitting the fee discount form to the institution.  Please contact the Bursar's office of the institution to determine procedures for submitting the form.

Capitol Hill Review, 5-10-17