TRTA Past Presidents, (L to R)

Randall Page, Mike Barker, JoAnn Smith-Mashburn,

Gerald Lillard, Morris Fair, Sr., Florestine Evans,

Linda McCrary, Mel Luttrell

Ron Moss

ETN Regional President

NEA Resolutions Comm. - Ret.

Donna Cotner

Executive Director/Lobbyist

Linda McCrary, Ex-Officio

​NEA-Retired Executive Council

TEA Board of Directors-Ret.


Brenda Oldham, Chair

Membership Committee

TRTA Committees and Other Appointments


Brenda Oldham, MTN, Chair; John Blevins, ETN;  Alice Fennel, WTN; Judy McCadams, WTN; William (Bill) Murray, WTN; Reba Luttrell, ETN; Alice Spicer, MTN;

Jerry Hale, MTN; Faye McCullough, ETN;  Gerald Lillard, President, EX-OFFICIO; Ron Pendergrass, President-Elect, EX-OFFICIO; Daisy Cleaves, Past President, EX-OFFICIO; Donna Cotner, Executive Director;


Lynn Tucker, WTN, Chair; Rose Anderson, WTN; Anna Booher, ETN; Jeannette Casteel, ETN;  Teresa Brown, MTN; Rebecca Jackman, TEA Rep.;  Beverly Berard, MTN; Lynn Winters, MTN; Martha Fayne, WTN; Carolyn Sims, ETN;  Gerald Lillard, President, EX-OFFICIO; Ron Pendergrass, President-Elect, EX-OFFICIO;

Daisy Cleaves, Past President, EX-OFFICIO;  Jerry Winters, Consultant, Government Relations, EX-OFFICIO; Donna Cotner, Executive Director;

Nominations and Election

Evelyn Robertson, Jr., Chair; Diane Padgett; Nancy Webb;

Constitution, Bylaw, and Policy                                                                                                 Review Committee (Ad Hoc)

Mel Luttrell, ETN, Chair; Linda McCrary, MTN; Randall Page, WTN; Adrienne

Phillips, Past President, EX-OFFICIO; Daisy Cleaves, President, EX-OFFICIO;


Gerald Lillard, ETN; Ron Pendergrass, MTN


Linda McCrary


Gerald Lillard


Joe Frensley

WTN Regional Past President

Charlotte Williams

ETN Regional Past President

Lynn Tucker, Chair

Legislative Committee

Beth Brown, Ex-Officio

TEA President

George A. McCrary

MTN Regional Past President

Charlotte Williams, Mike Barker and Charles Sellars

TRTA board members, Kay Moss, ETN; Joe Frensley, WTN; and Susie Boshers, MTN.

Alice Fennel

WTN Regional President

Susie Boshers

MTN Member at Large

Charles Sellars

MTN Regional President

JoAnn Smith-Mashburn, Ex-Officio

NEA Board of Directors-Ret.

​TEA Board of Directors-Ret.

Evelyn Robertson, Jr., Chair

Nominations and Election Committee

Kay Moss

ETN Regional Member at Large

Mike Barker

​WTN Regional Member at Large

TCRS Board of Directors 

Daisy Cleaves

Past President 

Ron Pendergrass

President Elect

Charles Sellars, Joe Frensley, and Ron Moss listen attentively at the NEA-RA.

 Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association

TRTA Leadership:  Gerald Lillard, President; Daisy Cleaves, Past President, and Ron Pendergrass, President-Elect.