George A. McCrary

MTN Regional Past President

Charles Sellars

MTN Regional President

Adrienne Phillips

Past President

TRTA Past Presidents, (L to R)

Randall Page, Mike Barker, JoAnn Smith-Mashburn,

Gerald Lillard, Morris Fair, Sr., Florestine Evans,

Linda McCrary, Mel Luttrell

Al Doty

ETN Regional Past President

Susie Boshers

MTN Member at Large

​Daisy Cleaves and Gerald Lillard are installed as president and president-elect, respectively. 

Charles Sellars, Joe Frensley, and Ron Moss listen attentively at the NEA-RA.

Evelyn Robertson, Jr.

WTN Regional Past President

Ron Moss

NEA-Retired Resolutions


Charlotte Williams

ETN Regional President

 Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association

TRTA board members, Kay Moss, ETN; Joe Frensley, WTN; and Susie Boshers, MTN.

Kay Moss

ETN Regional Member at Large

Lynn Tucker, Chair

Legislative Committee

Adrienne Phillips passes the gavel to Daisy Cleaves at the 2017 TRTA RA.

Barbara Gray, Ex-Officio

TEA President

TRTA Committees and Other Appointments


Brenda Oldham, MTN, Chair; John Blevins, ETN;  Alice Fennel, WTN; Nita Jones, WTN; William (Bill) Murray, WTN; Jim Oakes, ETN; Charles Sellars, MTN;

Jerry Hale, MTN; Dunnie Wright, ETN; Adrienne Phillips, Past President, EX-OFFICIO; Gerald Lillard, President-Elect, EX-OFFICIO; Daisy Cleaves, President, EX-OFFICIO; Donna Cotner, Executive Director;


Lynn Tucker, WTN, Chair; Rose Anderson, WTN; Anna Booher, ETN; Jeannette Casteel, ETN;  Ginger Hardison, MTN; Rebecca Jackman, TEA Rep.;  Beverly Berard, MTN; Lynn Winters, MTN; Martha Fayne, WTN; Carolyn Sims, ETN; Adrienne Phillips, Past President, EX-OFFICIO; Gerald Lillard, President-Elect, EX-OFFICIO; 

Daisy Cleaves, President, EX-OFFICIO;  Jerry Winters, Lobbyist, EX-OFFICIO; Donna Cotner, Executive Director;

Nominations and Election

Diane Mackey, MTN, Chair; Teresa Brown, MTN; Tony Lee Brock, MTN;

Constitution, Bylaw, and Policy                                                                                                 Review Committee (Ad Hoc)

Mel Luttrell, ETN, Chair; Linda McCrary, MTN; Randall Page, WTN; Adrienne

Phillips, Past President, EX-OFFICIO; Daisy Cleaves, President, EX-OFFICIO;


Gerald Lillard, ETN; Ron Pendergrass, MTN


Linda McCrary


Brenda Oldham, Chair

Membership Committee

Diane Mackey, Chair

Nominations and Election Committee

Mike Barker

​WTN Regional Member at Large

TCRS Board of Directors 

Donna Cotner

Executive Director

Gerald Lillard

President Elect

Daisy Cleaves


JoAnn Smith-Mashburn, Ex-Officio

NEA Board of Directors-Ret.

Joe Frensley

WTN Regional President

Linda McCrary, Ex-Officio

​NEA-Retired Executive Council

TEA Board of Directors-Ret.