TRTA celebrates


TRTA has successfully lobbied the Legislature

1.  To fund TCRS on sound actuarial basis!

2.  To permit accumulated sick leave to count toward retirement!

3.  To compound Cost-of-Living increases (COLA)! (Projected 2017-2018 COLA is 2.19%!!

4.  To protect public education and the teaching profession!

5.  For Tuition Discount for children/grandchildren dependents of Retired Teachers!

6.  For participation in state Medigap plan (POMCO)!

7.  To permit restricted military service to count toward retirement!

8.  For access to fiscally sound retirement system - Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS)!

TRTA celebrates and congratulates one of its own, Mr. Alan Kinningham, a member of

Covington RTA, past president, and a talented musician!

TRTA celebrates Mrs. Hattye Yarbrough, a member of the Covington

Retired Teachers' Association, for contributing to the displays in the 

National Museum of African American History and Culture.

ALL retired educators in Tennessee are invited to join the ONLY organization in Tennessee, that is interested in and promotes the social, economic, and professional interests of retired teachers.  Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association (TRTA) is the only organization in Tennessee that serves exclusively as your advocate in legislative and other policy-making bodies!

Since its founding in 1957, TRTA has worked tirelessly to promote the interests of retired teachers in matters involving their needs.  Of primary importance to teachers is their pension through the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System.  Varied pension plans throughout the state were consolidated in one (TCRS) effective July 1, 1972.  Since that time, TRTA has been active in assuring that the plan is actuarially sound.  To maintain this, an annual audit occurs; the legislature approves added funds if necessary and sets the employer contribution rate for the next year.  Today, TCRS is rated in the top five plans in the country!  Additionally, there is a compounded cost of living adjustment (COLA) provision which is essential for maintaining the efficacy of the system.

TRTA works to promote, preserve and enhance current health care benefits for retirees.

 In most instances, those teachers who retire before being Medicare eligible are allowed to remain on their health care plan by meeting the service requirements.  After being Medicare eligible, the state offers a Medicare Supplement (MediGap) plan currently administered by POMCO.  A portion of the premium is reduced for teachers with 15 or more years of experience teaching in Tennessee Public Schools.  While socializing with friends and former co-workers is fun and important, do not forget that our purpose is to be your voice and advocate with the state legislature, Board of Trustees of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System, the Local Education and Local Government Insurance Committee and wherever decisions are being made that affect your well-being - pension, cost of living adjustments, health insurance, and twenty-five percent tuition reduction for retiree's children who attend Tennessee public colleges/universities.  TRTA's strength depends on our number of members.  We need you and you need us!  Become an active member to build on our past successes and help to assure our relevance and effectiveness in the future!

You retire from the position, not the profession!  Join TRTA TODAY!!

Whether you are already retired or just thinking about retirement, there are many advantages to being an NEA-Retired member.  They include:

  • Connections with fellow NEA members and programs
  • Opportunities to share your expertise by volunteering and mentoring
  • Efforts by NEA to protect your retirement resources through legislative outreach
  • Subscription to NEA's bimonthly retiree magazine, This Active Life
  • Visit the NEA Member Benefits Retirement site for information designed to                                                                                    help you prepare for the changing and challenging landscapes of                                                                       retirement.

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