TRTA Staff



Donna Cotner, Executive Director/Lobbyist

Helen McMackin, Membership Associate

Judy Rodgers, Finance Associate

Jerry Winters, Consultant, Government Relations

Linda McCrary, Webmaster

Gerald Lillard, Photographer

Office Hours:  7:30 AM - 3:30 PM CST

Please address requests/concerns to 

Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association

801 Second Avenue North

Nashville, TN 37201-1099

Mike Barker, TCRS Board of Directors

Helen McMackin, Membership Associate, TRTA

Donna Cotner, Executive Director/Lobbyist, TRTA, shares a laugh with Jerry Winters, TRTA Consultant, Government Relations.

    Judy Rodgers,  Finance Associate, TRTA

Jerry Winters, Consultant, Government Relations for TRTA

 Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association