Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association

Save the date for Civication - Tuesday, March 19!

Make plans to come to the Tennessee Capitol on Tuesday, March 19, to talk to your legislators and enjoy the great entertainment Nashville has to offer!  It's a Civication, combining vacation with civic pride in our profession.



Bus service will be available on March 19!  Please check with Mary Poindexter (mpoindexter@tnea.org) for details!

If you are unable to come March 19, please come any Tuesday between March 5 and April 16.  In addition to meeting with your legislators, you will be able to witness the House and Senate Education Committee meetings and help protect and advance the education profession in Tennessee!

Please use this online registration form  to reserve your spot today!

Please contact Mary Poindexter (mpoindexter@tnea.org) for any questions.  

MTRTA Board of Directors Supports Public Schools


​CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS NOW! (House will have to vote on

ESAs/vouchers again)! Say you're a constituent; thank them if they voted NO and encourage to vote NO again; if yes -- urge them to listen to folks back home and vote their district!

​Here’s the link and list below of how TN House Representatives voted on ESA/vouchers, HB939 (click on the VOTES tab in the link)


 Representatives voting aye on HB 919 (ESA/voucher bill) were: Baum, Boyd, Carter, Cepicky, Crawford, Curcio, Daniel, DeBerry, Doggett, Dunn, Eldridge, Faison, Farmer, Garrett, Hall, Helton, Hill M, Hill T, Holt, Howell, Hulsey, Hurt, Johnson C, Kumar, Lafferty, Lamberth, Leatherwood, Littleton, Lynn, Marsh, Moon, Ogles, Powers, Ragan, Reedy, Rudd, Rudder, Sanderson, Sexton J, Sherrell, Smith, Sparks, Terry, Tillis, Todd, Van Huss, White, Williams, Zachary, Mr. Speaker Casada — 50.

Representatives voting no were: Beck, Bricken, Byrd, Calfee, Camper, Carr, Chism, Clemmons, Cochran, Coley, Cooper, Dixie, Freeman, Gant, Griffey, Hakeem, Halford, Hardaway, Haston, Hawk, Hazlewood, Hicks, Hodges, Holsclaw, Jernigan, Johnson G, Keisling, Lamar, Love, Miller, Mitchell, Parkinson, Potts, Powell, Ramsey, Russell, Sexton C, Shaw, Staples, Stewart, Thompson, Towns, Travis, Vaughan, Weaver, Whitson, Windle, Wright — 48.

TRTA Leaders Attend Legislative Committee hearing.

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 Civication 2019